Will The Demonic Israeli Soldier That Shot The Wounded Palestinian In The Head Get Away With It?

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  • Will The Demonic Israeli Soldier That Shot The Wounded Palestinian In The Head Get Away With It?

    IDF soldier executes wounded Palestinian
    IDF soldier executes wounded Palestinian

    A new hearing has opened at a military appeals court to look into the case. The soldier was filmed while shooting Abdul Fatah al-Sharif at point-blank range, in al-Khalil on March 24. An autopsy also shows that it was the bullet Sharif received in the head that killed him not his earlier wounds. The soldier was suspended after the video triggered a widespread uproar. But Israeli authorities are now trying to help him. A court has ruled that the shooter will be released to open detention in a military base. Israeli prosecutors have already reduced the soldier’s expected charge from murder to manslaughter.

    Watch how this Godless Israeli Soldier shoots a wounded Palestinian in the head? Always remember the biggest mass murderers in history were Stalin and His Jews along with Jewish Communism. These Jews killed over 100 million mostly Christian people before WW2. Since WW2 after the Satanic Zionists won WW2 by propaganda and Satanic manipulations there has been over an estimated 40 million other innocent people mass murdered. The same Zionist Propaganda is now demonizing another group, the Muslims. The so-called Christians don’t have a clue they killed off Christians in WW2 based on Zionist Jews lies and embrace the Zionist Jews mass murder of innocent Muslims and Christians in GAZA

    What Kind Of People Are The Zionists?

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    The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!


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