Filmmaker Joel Gilbert Sadly Plays Anti-Semite Card Against Radio Host In Debate On Israel!

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  • Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.58.01 AMFilmmaker Joel Gilbert Sadly Plays Anti-Semite Card Against Radio Host In Debate On Israel!

    Opinion By Jack Allen

    I just lost all respect for Joel Gilbert he seems to be a Tribalist Zionist racist in the video below and seems to support genocide and the Zionist agenda.

    Joel Gilbert talks about Communism but never mentions that Jewish Communism and Stalin’s Jews were the biggest mass murderers in history.

    He talks about the Weather Underground but fails to mention they were a Jewish Terrorist Group.

    Americans are forced to fund Satanic Zionists in Israel that are mass murdering innocent children, women and men in occupied Palestine.

    Our elections are controlled by Zionists. The Federal Reserve is owned and controlled by Zionists. The United States is occupied by Zionists!

    Our food supply has been hijacked by Zionist Jews, notice all the “U”s and “K”s on your food? You are forced to pay a tax to a Jewish Rabbi or a Jewish organization. I refuse to buy Kosher marked foods because I think they are tainted. Why would I want to eat food where a Rabbi that sucks blood from baby boy’s penis has been around? The Zionists are creepy killers in my opinion. Yes, I do know there are some good Jews that do stand up to this evil but lots more need to just like Americans need to wake up and help stop this evil before it is to late.

    Video By Richie Allen w/ Joel Gilbert

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